Developing next-generation anti-cancer therapies
modulating tumor immune microenvironment

Continued efforts to develop a cure for human cancers led to the development of immunotherapy as the third-generation anti-cancer therapy, which utilizes human immune system to treat and cure cancers.

The team of motivated industry experts with innovative mindset gathered at Boostimmune to continue the efforts to overcome challenges in treating human cancers with the mission to develop innovative anti-cancer therapies via enhancing human immune system.

Research Focus

R&D focus on the development of biotherapeutics modulating immune cells
and utilizing human immune systems to treat cancers
Regulation of immunosuppressive myeloid cells

Immunosuppressive myeloid cells are located in tumor microenvironment inhibiting the activity of cytotoxic T cells, potentially responsible for limited efficacy of the first-generation immunotherapies. Boostimmue is developing first-in-class anti-cancer therapeutics reducing the number and/or activity of immunosuppressive myeloid cells to promote anti-cancer immune response.

Development of antibody-drug conjugates

Many antibody-based therapeutics developed as targeted therapy showed limited efficacy due to target characteristics. To improve the cytotoxicity of these anti-cancer therapies, antibodies armed with highly potent payloads have been developed and further improved by years of R&D. With strong expertise in the field, Boostimmune is identifying novel targets and developing antibody-drug conjugates with highly differentiated approaches.

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